The dog food quest goes full circle

After meeting lots of dog owners over the past year, I think one of the distinguishing characteristics of a dedicated dog lover is how much they end up talking about poop.

Well, after going through the 40lb bag of Nutro NC Lamb & Rice, we're back to Diamond. Nala and Simba were both doing pretty well on the Nutro. Their coats looked good, dogs looked good, Nala's weight stayed good and Simba packed on almost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. The only problem with the Nutro was that there was so much poop! With just one dog, I supposed I could have lived with it and we probably would have stayed on Nutro. With two dogs, it was just getting to be a little much and a little too stinky in the back yard.

So we decided to go back to what worked the first time. Nala's on the adult Diamond L&R, and Simba's on the LB Puppy L&R. It's been about a week now, and the decrease in the amount of poop is definitely noticable. Just finished the transition phase, so I'll be keeping an eye on both of them to see how they handle things.