At the dog park

Friday we took Simba into the dog park for the first time. He's been there before, but this was the first time he was allowed to go inside.

I thought maybe with all the other dogs around Simba might be all over the place checking them out. Nope, instead he and Nala spent most of the time doing the same thing they do inside: wrestle, chase each other and play bitey-face*.
Playing chase

Their favourite activity - wrestling

Simba and Jack (in the green collar)
There was much dog greeting done, but after that all Simba wanted to do was chase Nala and wrestle with her.

Simba and Nala
Every now and then they'd take a break to see what the other dogs were doing, but then it was right back at the wrestling.

A tired pup
In the end, we had a tired little puppy, which is why we go to the dog park in the first place.

*Bitey-face is a common activity among labs (and maybe other dogs too) where they just lie down near each other and play-bite at the other dog's snout.