Charleston Blog Carnival

Dan over at Lowcountry Blogs threw out the idea of doing the blog carnival thing since he's getting busier and doesn't have much time left to do the round-ups. So I thought I'd throw out my contribution to the effort.

Agricola writes about the US soccer team losing to Ghana 2-1 and his own encounters with soccer in England. Jeremy at MUSC Tiger is also a little critical of the US soccer team's efforts.

Ask Elsa discusses some P&C reader feedback and newspaper conspiracies.

Robert Barber is stumping in Travelers Rest.

Bill Hawkins gives us a writing style lesson.

Brian Goode says we might be looking at TD2 soon.

Redheads and happy hour over at Microfamous

New Wars brings up the topic of North Korea's missile and Rumsfeld.

Mike is is hitting the road to St. Louis for an extra long weekend.

OldController tips us off to the best barbecue ever. Mmmm, barbecue...

It's God and abortion over at Once Upon a Time

Perusing Life is amused by politics, looking for a little blog design help, has a few words about the soccer game, not being a dad and giving up the phone.

Ravenel Rachel discovers that Mother-in-Law's Tongue produces flowers. Apparently it smells nice too.

Tales from the Microbial Lab talks a little about the scientific writing process and tracks down someone's scientific pedigree.

Shleby overhears a fairly typical conversation between hospital employees and students.

Christianary marks a sad anniversary with some happy memories.