Pet entertainment

Hmm, I just leave Animal Planet on for the dogs to watch when we're gone. Maybe I should let them listen to DogCatRadio too. Been listening to it for a few minutes now, and so far most of what they've played is pretty middle of the road soft rock. Nothing I wouldn't mind listening too, and I'm sure the dogs wouldn't mind either. They seem to like watching what happens on TV though.

DoggieNews is an interesting blog though. Lots of neat dog related news bits to be found here. For example, around here I've noticed there now are a number of small companies started up that will come your house and scoop your dog(s) poop for you. Did you know these people also have a trade association? They do, and it's among the many tidbits of news at DoggieNews. The fact that someone would want to scoop poop for a living is interesting in itself. That they got together to form a trade association I find even more intriguing.

Found via Lowcountry Dog