June 23 LBC Roundup

Ok, so it looked like nobody was free to do today's Lowcountry Blogs round-up, so here I am again.

Jared has Beta 2 of Vista running and seems to like it. Like others I've heard online, he thinks the Performance Rating feature that's part of Vista is crap.

I learned that Pinky and the Brain is coming out on DVD this weekend! It's also my third blogiversary today.

Erin at the redhead papers shows off the geeky stuff that she's bought in the past year and a half and where most of it has ended up.

Look at that list. LOOK AT IT. I think I have an illness. No, really. I do. Especially considering that I have either broken practically every last one of these things or they have just inexplicably spontaneously fallen apart shortly after A) the warranties expired or B) someone other than me touched them.

Bellascribe takes a break from painting to read a bit.

Truman Capote quote and Himalayan trivia from Paul at Shadow of Diogenes.

Heather at Moncks Corner Moments has a pretty dress for her reunion and goes a little nuts at the produce stands. Can't blame her for that one. The same thing happens to me at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square.

Brian Goode feels there's a good chance we'll see TD2 this weekend. Probably not too much of a big deal aside from being a big rain event.

Jason at Cavaliers and Roundheads feels there's no etiquette left in public debates

I mean, come on, when was the last time you saw two or more people on television working together to solve a problem in a way that did not involve humiliating or maiming some group of "others?"

GMLc runs into some rude people at Starbuck's

Gene's not having such a good day today.

Nothing but Bonfires has finally left Charleston and are headed to San Francisco. A little later than planned, but they've managed to make it to Topeka Kansas already. I wonder if this qualifies them for the ex-pat section of TBB.

Perusing Life tells us how he really feels about Diet Pepsi and runs into a few odd people in a parkade (parking garages to the rest of you)

A crop of tasty looking tomatoes over at Microbial Lab.

A review of Syriana at Bushido Way.

Joan shares a cool picture of the Grand Canyon shows us just how well travelled she is.