That was the collective cry of anguish as tens of thousands of Oiler fans back home and hundreds of thousands of Canadians watched Carolina win the final 3-1 to take the Cup and the glory. It was a heartbreaking loss and if I had a beer to cry in, I'd be doing it.

It was a well fought match with both teams playing well. Carolina just played a little better. The Oilers just didn't seem to be skating or handling the puck as well as they did the last two games while Carolina was just the opposite. There was no shortage of scoring opportunities for Edmonton, but Carolina's Ward was at the top of his game and kept most of them out. Very few penalties too, which is fairly typical of a high stakes game like yesterday. Refs tend to lay off the calls except the more obvious and blatant ones and let the players play the game.

*sigh*. Next year I suppose.