Another ethnic market find

Every now and then we'll stumble on a really cool find while driving around. Today (well, yesterday now...) we were driving along Dorchester Road looking for this Mexican restaurant the wife heard about. Never did find the restaurant, but we did stumble upon a tiny little West Indian market chock full of stuff from the Carribean. It was fantastic! All kinds of neat seasonings, drinks, canned goods and even a few frozen things. 7 or 8 different jerk seasonings to pick and choose from, several shelves full of Carribean hot sauces and plenty of drinks from the islands. You can even pick up a warm crispy Jamaican patty to snack on while you're browsing through the store. There's also a good sized collection of reggae CDs to choose from. It's a neat place to browse through and a great place to find some of those more obscure ingredients for that Carribean dish you've been wanting to cook.

I'm pretty sure I'll be back.

Mini Mart West Indian Grocery
5341 Dorchester Rd
North Charleston, SC
(843) 207-0777