Continuing the home improvement cascade

Today we got started on our garage storage project, a nifty flexible little system based on some wall mounted rails and movable hooks and shelves. And like any other home improvement project, the cascade continued with more acquisitions (and a hefty contribution to the economy).

We started with the blank newly painted wall.
Blank wall

We headed off to Lowe's to pick up all the supplies and some additional tools we'd be needing to finish the project.
Supplies for the project
More supplies
Since there was going to be a lot of nailing involved with this project, we decided to invest in a pneumatic nailer to help aid the process. I'm not exactly the most skilled with a hammer, and usually end up with about as many bent nails as there are hammered in. To help deal with cutting the large pieces of plywood involved, I needed a good stable work surface, so we had to pick up a couple of work stands too. There's also going to be some drilling into aluminum, so I needed to get some proper drill bits. See what I mean about every new project requiring just one more new tool?

With a little bit of glue and that handy pneumatic nailer, we had the plywood panels up on the wall and trimmed out.
Paneling on the walls
Panels on the wall with the trim
Panels on the wall with the trim

Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll start cutting plywood to make the mounting rails. Then we have to figure out what kinds of shelves and hooks we'll need to make.

All this stuff will come in handy for the next project we decide to take up. I wonder what other tool I'll need to get for that project.