Frog invasion!

This comes from one of the staffers at the SC Aquarium.

Please educate yourself on Cuban Tree Frogs. These are invasive frogs obviously native to Cuba and surrounding islands. They are very established in Florida as are many invasive species of reptiles and amphibians. They have recently been reported in Savannah and we have now had 3 different cases reported in Mount Pleasant. I helped a lady this morning in Mount Pleasant that found one. Anyways these frogs usually hitch a ride on plant material from nurseries and places like Lowes. If you are planning on doing any new planting be sure and check the plants carefully for these frogs. These frogs are voracious eaters and will eat a lot of our native amphibians.

These frogs look similar to our native tree frogs But can get much larger (females can reach 6 inches). They have small bumps on their backs which distinguishes them from our native tree frogs. They also have extra large toe pads. The easiest way to determine if you are dealing with a Cuban Tree Frog is to rub the skin on top of the head. Cuban Tree Frogs skin is fused to it's skull so the skin won't move. This is not true with our native tree frogs.I have attached a picture but you can easily look these up on the internet. Remember these frogs can change colors and be any color from dark brown to white.

Cuban Tree Frog

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