Holiday week roundup

This morning's round up is brought to you by the letters C, J and the number 4.

Jared summarizes a couple of techie bits about Ebay, Google and Microsoft. He also measured quite a bit of rain thanks to yesterday's storm.

Post birthday reflections on blogging and journaling at the same time by Bellascribe

Jason has a great photo of some fireworks over at South Carolina Photography Guild.

Geoff talks about some of his more recent activities that are mostly the same in back home. He also has a very cool picture of the new Cooper River bridge.

Agricola has journalism and ethics on his mind, specifically relating to the NYT.

Janet discovers a fountain under her house (and not the good wishing well kind either).

Pope's got a list of things for us guys to do while the SO is shopping. I like #1.

Paul asks how intelligence ranks when choosing a mate. He's also got a book for you politicos to read while waiting for the next election.

Like a lot of people, April doesn't watch the news either. I find it rather depressing too.

Who doesn't like a good cheeseburger? Robert at Al Forno reviews the burgers at Sesame up in N Chuck, and talks about what he wants in a cheeseburger.

Mike's getting class action suite settlements up the wazoo.

Biffle the Idea Guy suggests a valet parking scheme for the downtown area.

A couple of hiking pictures from Jason at Cavaliers and Roundheads.

Nebraskan transplant David and his friends were cheering on Germany in World Cup action.

Chuck gets new plumbing and hot water and passes along a good tip when looking for contractors:

IF you decide to use a general contractor, get one that your friends or someone you trust has used. Get references and talk with his/her former (hopefully happy) clients and PAY NO MONEY in advance. The good ones will take care of ALL the details, secure the required permits, hire qualified and dependable licensed craftsmen, proceed in a timely manner and help you avoid costly missteps.

djdroogie's moved his blog and wrapped up his vacation to start Prototype school.

More Crazy4America from Uncle Zoloft.

Journalistic mudslinging and stirring up tour guides at GMLc.

Gone to Carolina recounts their first 4th of July celebration in SC.

I'm just sayn' has some quotes to ponder on.

Knitting blogger Lisa starts on the scarf and gets a special little something from her secret pal.

Microfamous doesn't really want to be famous and lists her reasons why.

Physics, Superman and superchickens at Jason's.

Monsoon Cantina has lots of pictures from his daughter's first birthday party-turn-housewarming party.

Perusing Life has a Friday Five meme thing going on.

Saphyre is pain free thanks to her new morphine pump.

Surry Labs' Saucy is recovering from her spay operation.

Microbial Lab's dog routine doesn't sound too much different from mine, although I don't have a wonder beagle to deal with yet.

Our other knitting blogger Vera shares pictures and crafty knitted things from something called a LYS SNB night. Whatever it was, it looked like fun.

Joan describes the world tour she took after winning $10k worth of travel. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

Trippingly on the Tongue has some opening lines for imaginary novels.