Maybe back to back dog classes wasn't such a good idea

Trying to keep Nala from pouncing on all the puppies while Simba's in Kinderpuppy class, and then keeping her interested for her tricks class is going to be tough.

Today was orientation day for the Kinderpuppy class, so we didn't have to bring Simba along. We did anyway because the wife didn't want to leave him at home alone. We kept him in the crate while class was going on, but it was tough keeping Nala calm during the intro class. Eventually she settled down, but when it came time to start her tricks class, she was all over the place trying to meet the other dogs and people. Getting towards the end of class, she was starting to get a little frustrated and not paying attention to us because we wouldn't let her go play.

Next week will be interesting when there are puppies all over the place. I have a feeling one of us is going to have to hang out with Nala outside somewhere while Simba's in class, and then switch. Nala's not going to like being around all those puppies and not being able to play.