Over at the Map Room

Yesterday the wife and I met some fellow labrador-owning friends to celebrate a birthday at The Map Room over in West Ashley. First time we'd been there, so I was looking forward to it. It's located in a strip mall where the Kaplan Learning Center used to be (it's moved next door) in an impressively large space. There's a largish bar area toward the back middle of the area with a couple of rows of booths and tables in the front section of the room. There's a stage area in the back right corner where live music plays. A large open space in front of the stage provides plenty of music for dancing. The music last night was pretty jazzy stuff, so not much dancing going on while we were there. In the other corner next to the stage are a bunch of comfy looking couches arranged in front of a TV and a couple of video games for people to hang out on.

Food was pretty decent, with a varied selection of appetizers and pub fare done up a little more sohpistication than your usual pub grub. I enjoyed the fish and chips that I had, although the wife wasn't terribly impressed with the shrimp and grits (too greasy for her liking). Our friends seemed to enjoy the spring rolls and chicken satays they ordered.

We had a good time there talking and enjoying the tunes. Seems like it would be a good place to stop off on the way home and hang out for a bit after work.

I was kind of disappointed there weren't more maps decorating the room though, considering the name of the place