Post-blog party round-uppage

Those of you who may have been checking in on the Lowcountry Bloggers Planet will have to forgive any weirdness going on. I'm messing around with the styles and some of the divs are messed up, so it might look a little strange sometimes. Work is ongoing. Anyway, on with the round-up!

Looks like I missed quite the blogger party yesterday. From all the photos posted, it looked like everyone had a good time.

Post blog party action
Joan was first with the photos posting a few good ones of the group. Heather got to blog about the party in two places. I'm sure any damage she thinks she might have caused will be quickly forgotten. Jared was one of the first-timers and had a good time at the party and discovered a fellow San Diegoan (April). Vera impressed everyone with her mad knitting skills and handling 4 needles at a time. I can barely handle one pencil at a time. Also with pictures are April, Windviel, Vera and Mike. I think Janet says it quite nicely:

I am amazed at what a diverse group we are, yet we have so much fun together.

The Rest
Jason ponders mail daemons and the pace of technology.

Microfamous has been having a tough week.

Paul wants to know our opinion on reincarnation. Having some Zen/Tao-ish leanings, I do. I want to come back as a dog.

While everyone was having fun at the blog party, I had my hands full with the dogs at obedience class.

Xarker jmsloop liked Superman Returns and considers the good and bad uses of having x-ray vision.

Brian recounts a conversation on King St.

Chip discovers a...ummm...clever use for beanbag chairs.

Checking in with a quick blog post from NY is Meghann who seems to be having a good time making out with cute boys.

Alison gets a haircut and some styling at a frou-frou NYC salon.

CharlestonWatch notes that $6M (to help bail out CARTA) is about to be tacked onto a transportation bond issue to be voted upon towards the end of the year.

Knitting Lisa is looking to infect her niece with some craftiness with a little sewing machine.

OldController is celebrating the big 5-0 today! Stop by and say happy birthday!

There are some poop stomping puppies over at Surry. I suppose you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to dog breeding.