August 2006 Archives

  1. We now return you to our regularly scheduled weather
  2. Tasty B5 rumours
  3. More eyes on Ernesto
  4. TeXing away
  5. Sandbagging
  6. Get the umbrellas ready
  7. Porch spider
  8. Weather aggregator
  9. Ernesto by the end of the week?
  10. Toilet work
  11. First hurricane of the year
  12. Carnivore date night
  13. Ernesto in the house!
  14. Fantasy genealogy
  15. Dangerous foods
  16. Getting to the peak of storm season
  17. Palm software plug
  18. Curtain call for SG-1
  19. New equipment gripes
  20. She's got the spirit! She's got the spirit!
  21. Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
  22. These are not the droids you're looking for
  23. They want how much?
  24. Back to walking at least
  25. A baking snafu
  26. Garage storage project
  27. My pants are falling! My pants are falling!
  28. Food meme
  29. Cleaning crew to the floor!
  30. Maybe she should just stay home
  31. More puppy pictures
  32. Back from our road trip
  33. AFK
  34. Checking out new software
  35. Now cruising through the Carribean