Back to walking at least

Haven't gotten back to running aside from short jogging spurts, but I have gotten back to walking on a quasi-regular basis. It's the dogs. They need to get out more and after listening to Cesar Milan's Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems in audiobook form, I've committed to taking them out on longer walks more often.

So lately we've been going out early in the morning and making the 2.5 km round trip trek up the street to the main road. It's been made a little easier the last couple of days by some moderately cooler weather. The dogs seem to be enjoying the walk and like Cesar Milan says, it seems to give them a sense of purpose. Nala could also stand to lose a few pounds too.

It's been going well. After about a week of it I've managed to shed 2 more pounds and am down to a much trimmer feeling 175.