Cleaning crew to the floor!

Yesterday's Kinderpuppy class was entertaining in kind of a weird perverse sort of way (why can I never remember how to spell weird?).

Class itself was pretty normal. Worked on some more 'Leave it', heeling and recalls. Problem was, dogs were peeing all over the place! One dog let loose just as class was starting. Another one decided to go during play time in the middle of class, and a third just let it rip towards the end of class and left puddles all over. It was puppy firehose action last night I tell ya. After the second incident, several other owners decided it would be prudent to take their dogs outside for a pre-emptive potty break. No such incidents with Simba, although I'm sure he might have been thinking about it. Peeing must be contagious for dogs just like yawning is for people.

The floor of the store where class was held is going to need a good scrubbing after yesterday.