Garage storage project

For the past couple of weeks, the garage storage project has been stuck in this state, due to a combination of us being out of town and the hot weather.
Garage storage partly finished

Today I finally managed to get the rest of the rails installed on the wall. I have two rails left that could possibly go up at the very top, but I'm debating on how useful and practical having them up there will be.
All the rails up on the wall

All the rails up on the wall

All that's left right now is to finish driving in the 16d nails that anchor everything to the wall. Right now they're just attached with glue and smaller nails (enough to keep them from falling off the wall while the glue dries). Then it will be time to think about putting a few coats of polyurethane on everything. After that, I can start building shelves and baskets to hold all our crap.