More puppy pictures

After hearing about one of our friends losing one of their dogs, it made me think about our dogs and how to spend more time with them. I also haven't been taking as many pictures as I probably should be, and not nearly as many pictures of Simba as I took of Nala. I need to take more pictures of them.

The wife is away on a weekend trip to NYC so I'll try to get in some quality time with the pups in between finishing up the garage storage project.

In the meantime, here is Simba at 6 months now. He's 50 pounds now and probably another 40 or so to pack on before he's finished growing. He's hiding at the other side of the table and thinks he's playing keep-away with his bone.
Playing keep-away

Here he's taking a break from chewing on his Nylabone to check out what Dad is doing. He's just so cute looking with his paws splayed out like that.
Chewing on his bone