My pants are falling! My pants are falling!

A couple of months ago, the wife and I joined Weight Watchers to shed some extra poundage. Two months later, I've dropped 10 pounds. Woo! I was targeting 160, but the leader folks at the WW center we go to seems to think 170 or 175 would suit me better and going any lower would make me look anorexic.

Back when I was doing a lot of running and cycling, I was maintaining a pretty steady 145-150, so I think 160-165 probably isn't too unreasonable. I felt pretty good at 150 and wasn't overly scrawny or anything. I think if I keep up with what I'm doing, I can reach 165 pretty easily. It's only 10 pounds away.

In the meantime I've definitely noticed that most of my pants are much looser than they used to be. I'm going to have to start wearing belts if this keeps up.