She's got the spirit! She's got the spirit!

Yesterday I had my first experience at a southern Baptist church. A Missionary Baptist church in Wilmington NC. The wife's mom decided to get baptized into this new church, so we went up there to share the big moment with her.

It was definitely an experience. It really is like you see on TV.

There was some serious preaching going on and more than a few people getting into this freaky weird frenzied state. "Getting the spirit" the wife called it. One lady in front of us who looked to be about 7 months pregnant was getting some serious spirit. I was afraid she might go into labour right there! Another lady got so much spirit she collapsed on the floor. I said to the wife that I thought EMS should be standing by for these church sessions. According to her it was all quite normal.

For me it was all a little over the top and too frenzied for my taste. Definitely not my style. When we left I felt like I needed to get away just to restore some of my calm and serenity. To each their own I suppose.