40 years of Trek

Listening to CBC Radio this morning, they just had a short little segment talking about tomorrow being the 40th anniversary of the premiere episode of Star Trek.

Wow. 40 years. I still find it amazing that Star Trek has endured this long and become such an institution.

I'm not nearly old enough to have seen the original airing. I only saw it in syndication in the mid/late 70s, and it quickly became one of my favourite shows. It was already an institution by then. The movies started soon after and then the TV series began. The dozens of videotapes I have of TNG episodes are probably still sitting in my parents' basement.

I've always loved Star Trek. Mostly because, like a lot of sci-fi, it introduces all kinds of tantalizing possibilities for the future.

Looking forward to catching the newly remastered version of TOS. Hopefully there's a station around here that will be showing it.