Mike, Heather and Jared already blogged about the blognic, and it seemed like everyone had a good time hanging out. I even got interviewed by Lucia from the Post & Courier. Even Nala had a good time and got lots of attention and compliments on how well behaved she was.

It took a little bit for people to figure out where to meet, but once people started spotting each other, it didn't take long for us to find a couple of picnic tables and start setting things up.
Unpacking the eats

Setting up the picnic

Mike had a tasty little spread going. The chicken was tasty.
Mike setting out his picnic food

There was a little bit of geekspeek going on.
Dan, Jared and Mike

Mostly just hanging out and talking about various things



I find Vera's ability to knit and talk at the same time amazing. I think I'd probably end up stabbing myself if I tried to do that.
Vera working on a shawl

Nala loved all the attention, but I think she loved going after the bits of cake and cookies the kids would drop even more.

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