Doggie play date

Yesterday we headed out to Wadmalaw Island to visit a friend and her 3 labs for a doggie play date.

Here's Bailey making sure everybody knows how the pond works
Bailey demonstrating the pond

Simba's a pretty quick study
Simba following in Bailey's pawsteps

After cooling off in the pond, they came back to visit us
Wet dogs returning from the pond

Bridgette decided to just watch our two nut dogs run around
Bridgette watching the action
but mostly she just wanted a little love and attention from the new people
Bridgette looking for a little love

Our two nut dogs spent most of the day doing this
An entire day of running and playing biteyface
or this
Chasing after the ball

I think watching all of their antics made Bridgette tired
I wonder when these crazy dogs are going to leave - Bridgett

Nala and Simba definitely had a good time
Taking a breather