Another puppy in the family

The wife's mom got a new dog, a now 9 week old yellow lab named Macho. We told them they should get an older dog, but her mom insisted on a puppy. Now after a couple of weeks she wants to trade for one of our dogs until Macho gets out of his puppy phase.

Here he is hanging out on the lawn
Macho at 9 weeks

Nala wasted absolutely no time showing Macho how much more fun sticks are to play with
Sticks are way better than balls

and how to get a good game of tug going
Showing Macho how Tug works

Macho got along famously with Nala and Simba, and started playing together right away
Playing with Nala and Simba

Going after Simba's tail

Now heading up to the in-laws will be even more fun for the dogs.