Almost cool out

It was almost cool enough today to make me think about switching from shorts to pants. I'm sure I got a few odd looks from all the sweater clad people walking around today.

Had a good day out with the pups today, starting with an hour or so out at the Hampton Park dog run. We were there by ourselves for the first half hour or so, before being joined by a pair of Weimeraners, Gus the Bouvier and a lab/rott mix. Stuck around, let the dogs run around and play some more while people chatted, then we decided to head off to the Farmer's Market and let the dogs check out the sights.

Ran into Vera and hubby Patrick hanging out with the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild doing the spinning and knitting thing. We didn't have our camera with us, but Patrick did and got a good shot of the dogs and their Hallowe'en bandannas. Patrick gave the wife and I a spinning demonstration and there was a neat demonstration of loom weaving. Interesting looking craft.

The dogs loved the Farmer's Market and got plenty of love and attention from people there (the matching bandannas helped a lot..."Awww, look at the doggies!"). We always get the occasional odd comment from a few people though

  • "Are they related?"
  • "Are they brother/sister/husband/wife?"
  • "Is this the mother?" directed at Nala (we get that a lot).
  • "Is that a miniature lab?" directed at Simba. No such thing as a miniature lab. At least it's not breed standard at any rate. We just say "No, he's just a puppy".
  • "Are you going to breed them?"

Anyway, after cruising through the Market, we headed down King St to window shop and expose Simba to more things. Quick stop in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville to check out their collars and leashes and then a walk through Charleston Place where they got more love and attention. The dogs were starting to get pretty tired by now, so we trekked back up King St to the car and headed home.

It was a good day to hang out with the dogs.