A new toilet at last

Well, fixing that leak in the toilet ended up being a considerably more arduous task than expected.

  • Disassembled the old toilet to replace the wax ring. Still leaked
  • Tried another wax ring just in case I didn't get a good seal the first time. Still leaked.
  • Discovered a small crack at the base of the toilet. Ick.
  • Go to Lowe's to buy a new toilet and tank.
  • Get home, install the toilet bowl. Wife decides the round bowl is too small and just won't do. Much cursing in my brain. Remove everything, stick it back in the box and take it to Lowe's for a refund.
  • Take off to the N Charleston Lowe's to buy the elongated bowl version (the only store that has it in stock). Get there 10 minutes before they close and buy the last one they have. Also buy yet another wax ring and new toilet seat.
  • Get home, discover that I mistakenly stuck some parts belonging to the tank into the toilet bowl box that we returned 45 minutes ago. Crap.
  • Go back to Lowe's in the morning and retrieve the parts.
  • Install the bowl. Fill with water to test flushing. No leaks (whew!).
  • Install the tank. Connect up water hose and turn the water on. Tank fills, no leaks (happy happy joy joy!).
  • Flush when the tank fills. Flushes great, no leaking (happy dance!). Flush a couple more times just to make sure.
  • Inform wife. Wife christens toilet. No leaking, although she says it's taller than expected.

So now we have a new uber-flushing toilet that works way better than the original toilet. Now the wife wants to replace the other toilet.

The new toilet