More fun with dogs

Yesterday we were at the Coastal SC Lab Retriver Club's Lab Fun Day. A little bit on the breezy side, but a nice sunny day. Simba's breeder greeted us with a loud and friendly "Look at the Canadian!!" (I was the only one in just a shirt...everyone else was wearing a sweater or jacket).

Plenty of fun was had for both dogs and their people.
There were obedience demonstrations and an obedience course for people to try out
An obedience course

A very obedient collie

There were retriever demonstrations by some dogs that really knew what they were doing. They did retrieves on land
Tossing out a bumper

Retrieving the bumper

and in the water
Jumping in for the duck


There were also fun contests for dogs and people to participate in. Tail wagging

and a dog dress-up contest

This guy skipped all the contests and went right for the cookies

Seemed like everybody who stopped by had a good time. Even the non-labs came to check things out and have fun.