December 2006 Archives

  1. Purveyors of Pooch Paraphernalia
  2. Which Superhero Are You?
  3. Coinage haul -> satellite radio
  4. Mystery callers
  5. IOP sunset
  6. Happy Birthday Nala!
  7. I have the best wife ever
  8. Christmas feasting
  9. Christmas greetings
  10. Where the spices are
  11. An odd x-ray wave form
  12. When does winter get here?
  13. Five little known things
  14. A dog and his bone
  15. Holiday LED cheer
  16. Review: Happy Feet
  17. Grown-up puppy
  18. This year's Christmas Tree
  19. Bye Bye Physics Building
  20. I need another weekend.
  21. What Christmas Ornament Are You?
  22. Tape to tape 2: Cooking with smoke now!
  23. Simba's got a bad knee
  24. So much for the battery
  25. Scolded for inappropriate content
  26. Life with two black dogs
  27. You know the humidity is low when...
  28. Computer ressurection
  29. Save the hard drive!
  30. Maybe it'll still get accepted
  31. Journal Club: Simultaneous Acquisition of Multislice PET and MR Images: Initial Results with a MR-Compatible PET Scanner
  32. The perils of procrastinating
  33. Food meme
  34. Blogger hour (or two, or three)
  35. Holiday spirit
  36. Fast math ops
  37. Collaborative writing made easier?