Blogger hour (or two, or three)

Tonight's blogger gathering over at the Dog & Duck was pretty good. Had about 13 show up including a couple of new people (Chris from Signal 46 and JJ from I'm not drunk enough for this). Plenty of good random conversation to enjoy over some reasonably tasty bar grub. A little bit of current events, some shared winter stories, the latest bloggings in the lowcountry blog-o-verse, Geoff conducting a few straw polls about UK vs US differences and other topics. And picture taking of course.

They have some fabulously hot wings that I enjoyed. I told the waitress I wanted a dozen wings as hot as they come (they call them Burners). She was a little bit hesitant about it and warned me about the last person who ordered them and ended up sending them back, but I told her to bring them on. Not the absolute hottest I've ever had, but pretty close and hot enough to make my nose run a little.

Fun time tonight. Looking forward to the next gathering.