Christmas feasting

For various scheduling reasons, we ended up having the Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve instead. Rather than the traditional roasted turkey, we ended up doing a rib roast and salt dome fish.

The salt dome fish was something we did a few years back for another Christmas dinner with the family in LA. Had a much larger fish back then, but this year it was just as tasty.

First you start off with a good sized bass, or in our case, 3 smaller ones.
Sea bass ready for cooking

Then you make up the mixture of salt (kosher of course), egg white and water
The salt dome 'mortar'

Lay down a layer of the salt on a sheet pan and put the fish on it
The fish on a bed of salt

Then cover it all up with the rest of the salt and bake for about 40 minutes at 350°F
The salt dome

When it's done (stick a thermometer into the middle and if it's 130°F, it's done), pick off the salt dome, remove the fish, brush off any extra salt and serve.

Contrary to what you might think from being baked under so much salt, the fish doesn't really turn out very salty at all, but it does stay nice and moist and oh so yummy. It's received rave reviews from the family both times we've done it so far.

The rib roast turned out very tasty too.
Roast beast