Five little known things

Heather hit me with this. I'm not sure I know 5 people that read this blog to tag though. I'm not even sure there are 5 little known things about me. I'm sure there are, but I already know them. I just don't know if other people know them. I guess I'll just pick out a few random things that I think people might not know.

  1. I volunteer at the SC Aquarium about every other weekend. I work with the birds: preparing diets, cleaning out their cages, setting them out on display. It's a lot different from what I normally do which is probably why I enjoy it.
  2. I played viola for about 8 years between grades 4-11. I was pretty good at it too and probably would have been better had I practiced a little more.
  3. I used to be an avid road cyclist back home in Edmonton. With all the bike trails criss-crossing the city and the river valley, it's a great place to ride. It started with a high school bike trip through the Rockies around the Jasper National Park area. I haven't ridden since I moved to the US though.
  4. I didn't own my first car until I was 26, when I moved to Detroit. Before that I either rode my bike where ever I needed to go or took the bus. I knew my way around town better on a bike than I did in a car.
  5. I started my undergrad career with the plan of getting into theoretical astrophysics. Stellar and galactic evolution was something I found very interesting. But like most undergrads, I ended up changing my mind and deciding that medical physics would be a much more interesting field.

I think I'll try tagging (if any of them are reading...):

  • Tom
  • Geoff
  • Rick
  • Mike
  • whoever else happens to be reading this