Food meme

Nabbed from Heather who nabbed it from Mike

Favorite food to crunch: Corn nuts

Favorite comfort food: Rice porridge (congee)

Food that makes the best noise: Anything that sizzles on a hot pan

Favorite picnic lunch: Sammiches

Favorite food scene in a movie: The segment in Eat Drink Man Woman where the dad spends the whole morning making up dim sum dishes

Favorite food lyrics: Peaches by Presidents of the USA

Least favorite food lyrics: Can't think of any

Best food smell memory: The smells inside a real Chinese restaurant (not the cheesy Chinese buffet places).

Favorite summer snack: Strawberries

Food that reminds me of the ocean: Anything fish.

Favorite winter snack: Hot chocolate.

Most likely Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Chili and fries

Least likely to eat for lunch: Liver and onions in the cafeteria.

Makes me gag: Cilantro

Food tradition I don't like: Anything made with bean paste

Saturday night food: Don't really have any regular saturday night foods.

Favorite wild foods: Any kind of Pacific Salmon

Favorite medicinal food: Honey

Food that reflects my heritage: Dim sum

Food most like me: Chocolate. Simple, sweet and melts when warm.

Favorite raw food smell: Does chocolate count as a raw food?