I need another weekend.

It was definitely a busy weekend for us. Friday was the wife's final exam for the semester and the annual department holiday party. She skipped the party, but I went. Then it was back home to assemble the mac and cheese, prepare the turkey and clean house for the dinner party the wife was having for her classmates.

Saturday the in-laws arrived for the weekend, we went out to cut down the Christmas tree we picked out a couple of weeks ago and then back home for more cleaning and cooking. There was a pretty good diverse and entertaining crowd of students for the party. The wife made everybody earn their supper again this year by putting them to work decorating the tree. Last year we bought a bunch of crafty-type things, took pictures of everybody and let them make their own ornaments to put on the tree. Some of those people came again this year and seemed pleased to be able to put their ornaments back on the tree again this year.

Then Sunday it was up early to tidy up the house, head off to the dog park and finish off some more cooking because we were hosting the board meeting and Christmas party for the CSCLRC. It was a pretty small turnout this year, with a couple of members having family or work commitments, and one other helping to deliver puppies. That made the gift exchange a little less wild than last year but it was a nice social gathering.

So after that whirlwind of weekend activity, I need another weekend to recover. If it wasn't for all the catch up stuff I have to do a work, I'd probably take a couple of days off this week. Bleh.