Purveyors of Pooch Paraphernalia

On a walk with the dogs, I noticed that Palmetto Paws and The Good Dog Bakery have joined forces to open up a new location in the James Island Center at the corner of Folly and Maybank (the little strip mall where the Piggly Wiggly, J'Paulz and Barberitos is located). The store is located underneath the big yellow NEXTEL sign, so presumably it's taken over the spot of a former NEXTEL store.

GDB is a perennial favourite with the dogs whenever we're at the Farmer's Market with all kinds of tasty treats and snazzy bandannas for the dogs. Their new location puts it a nice walking distance from us, so now the dogs can get a nice little snack and catch a break before heading back. Palmetto Paws always has great doggie stuff and is always a fun place to go with the dogs.

Now if only that sidewalk along Maybank was a little wider...