Down CPU memory lane

Anybody remember these?

Two Pentium Pro CPUs

This is a pair of 200 MHz Pentium Pro CPUs that I found lying around in our PACS storage area. It was probably pulled out of an old server several years ago. I thought they would make a good decoration piece for my desk.

It's a beast of a chip with the entire package measuring 6.8x6.3 cm. The Pentium Pro's were introduced in 1996, with this particular variant, 200MHz and 512 kB cache, coming out in mid 1997. This makes it a veritable fossil in computer time.

Haven't quite decided yet what I'll do with them or how I want to display them. Maybe I'll see if I can pop the heat spreader off one of them to expose the actual CPU. Tried to take an x-ray of the die, but despite using some pretty hefty techniques, I wasn't able to get any significant penetration through the chip. Managed to get a faint outline of some of the CPU at 90kVp and 50mAs, but nothing interesting enough to post. It's a pretty dense package. Might have to try a different tactic and shield the surrounding area with some lead so I can really blast through the chip.