Fish-breath dogs

The dogs have been doing pretty well on California Natural Lamb & Rice kibble since we started feeding it to them about 8 months ago. It's a nice simple kibble with not a lot of ingredients and no grains other than rice. This is important because we discovered early last year that Nala has problems with barley. Finding a kibble that doesn't contain any barley is harder than you might think too. So far I've only seen about 3 or 4 other kibbles that don't contain barley or wheat that I can rotate through.

Lately I've noticed that while Nala and Simba's coats are still nice and glossy, their skin has started to get a little flaky, so I decided it was time to add some fish oil back to their diets. When we first got Nala, we were supplementing her food with fish oil (3V Caps) but then stopped for a while to see how she would do without it. Now we're adding some Grizzly Salmon Oil (from Grizzly Pet Products) to their food. Dolittles happened to have some and since I was there picking up another bag of food for the dogs, so I figured I might as well try it out. While it's not quite as fishy smelling as the 3V Caps were, you can still tell it's fish oil and it definitely gives the dogs some funky fish breath for a while. Getting them to drink more water helps wash some of it away, but you definitely don't want them licking you for a while after their meals.

They've only been on it for a couple of days now so it's too early to tell if it's helping with the flaky skin. The dogs don't seem to mind the extra addition to their food.