Happy birthday to me!

Today being my birthday, I decided to spoil myself and take the day off. After dropping the wife off at school, the dogs and I spent the morning together hanging out at the dog park, visiting Dolittles for a new bag of food and some treats, and then checking out the new Palmetto Paws/Good Dog Bakery for more treats and to visit.

After picking up the wife after her classes, we went back to the dog park to let the dogs run around some more and then headed back home.

Thanks to a ThinkGeek Christimas/birthday gift certificate from my brother, the stuff I bought with it also arrived today so I even got to open a birthday present :) (not that it was much of a surprise or anything). More geeky fun things to enjoy.

To go along with the mug that reminds me to RTFM (bought that last year), I got the vi mug to remind me of all the commands I'm always RTFM'ing for. A HAL 9000 memory unit will let me carry more stuff around (wish I could plug it into my brain). This spiffy Power shirt should make sure nobody gets offended by my pasty white torso. Just so the wife doesn't feel left out, I got her a caffeine mug so she can keep her tea warm while she's in class.

It's been a pretty good day so far. I think I'll go putter around some more.