Houseboat Hooligans: Wilma

On my first houseboating trip (Houseboat Hooligans 2.5), one of the guys brought Wilma along. Once we got underway, a hole was punched into Wilma and her insides pulverized with a coat hanger. Then booze was poured into her.

Wilma was a watermelon. There was much drinking from Wilma done on that trip. The usual practice with Wilma was to fill her up with enough booze to get a good buzz going and then head out visiting different boats and parties. A guy carrying a watermelon and drinking from it naturally attracts a fair bit of attention, so many people ended up sampling from Wilma and pronouncing it an excellent idea. At some point while making the rounds to different parties, Wilma would run out of booze. Sometimes instead of having to head back to the boat for a refill, the current party hosts would generously offer to refill Wilma from their stocks so everyone could continue drinking from the melon. This quickly developed into a scheme to get free booze by filling Wilma with enough booze for people to get a taste before 'running out'. People, so enamoured with drinking out of a watermelon would offer to refill Wilma with some of their booze so the party could continue uninterrupted.

This went on for about 4 days before Wilma was broken. Then everybody feasted on the booze soaked rind.