Local Irish pub overrun by blogger horde

Now there's a good headline.

There was a good sized turnout for tonight's gathering which made it very cozy and fun. I think there were maybe about 18 or so people there. I got there a little late (at least I can say I wasn't the last one there...Jared wins that honour) and was surprised at just how many people were there. Madra Rua turned out to be an excellent gathering place that I'll have to go back to because they were out of fish & chips when I got there (disappointing). Hopefully we didn't run the waitress too ragged tonight.

It was nice to see a few new faces there tonight. Got to meet Dave Moulton (who's blog I've been enjoying reading lately), Josh from Today's Special and Microbial Lab Pam. We even had a frequent commenter (can he be called a blogger groupie?) show up for the gathering. Looking forward to the podcast Geoff ends up making with his interviews from tonight too. Many eyes were glued to the TV watching the Patriots/Chargers game, which the Patriots ended up winning by a field goal much to Jared's dismay.

Thanks to Heather for putting tonight's gathering together. It was great seeing everyone again!

Update: Joan and Chuck have pictures up. Silly me forgot the camera in the car again this time.