Lots of Canadians might not be Canadians anymore

With the new US passport rules coming into effect now, there's been a surge of passport applications in both the US and Canada going. Fortunately mine doesn't expire for a few more years yet so I've got a little time.

I was just reading on CBC that a bunch of people applying for their Canadian passports are finding out that they're not Canadian citizens anymore. What a shocker that must be.

Many applying for a Canadian passport have been informed their chance to remain a citizen expired years ago because of an obscure provision in the Citizenship Act, a little-known law that applied between 1947 and 1977. The law states that if you lived outside Canada on your 24th birthday and failed to sign the right form, you automatically lost your citizenship.

So there could potentially be 10's of thousands of people living in Canada, thinking they're Canadian citizens, but really have no citizenship at all. You can bet there's going to be a lot of really stressed people out there.

According to Canadian census data, there are an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 people in Canada who could find out they've lost their citizenship if they apply for a passport.

I hope the Liberal government does the right thing and makes it easy for these people to re-establish their rightful citizenship status.