Simba: Thief

Simba's become quite the stealthy thief lately. I've been finding him with socks pinched from the laundry pile (just socks...nothing else), pieces of paper from the recycling bin and little wads of tissue from the trash. Today he even grabbed a stuffed squeaky toy out of the toy box. One minute he's there gnawing on a Nylabone, the next minute he's coming back with a sock in his mouth or walking around with his mouth closed. That automatically triggers an alarm because unless he's sleeping, he's almost always walking around with his mouth open and tongue hanging out looking like a jolly happy fellow. So when he comes back with his mouth closed, it's time to go digging to see what he's gotten into.

He's very sneaky about it too. I think he knows when he's got something he shouldn't have because he's always very quite about it. When he's got his bone or Kong, he's very noisy, picking it up, dropping it, tossing it at my feet telling me to throw it, whatever. When he's got something he's not supposed to have, not a peep.

Gotta keep the eyes peeled when the little guy's out and about.