Whither Palm

PDAs have a well deserved reputation for suddenly going belly up (bits up?) when you least expect it. Although mine isn't showing any signs of dying anytime soon (aside from wear and tear) it'll be three years old in a few months, so it's probably time to start thinking about a new one soon.

Problem is, unless you want an all-in-one combo smartphone type device (which I most definitely do not want), Palm's offerings have become rather thin. Palm's only new announcement over the normally busy holiday season was the Treo 680. No new 'plain' PDAs in sight, nor have I caught any rumours of any coming down the pipe either. There's just the E2 and TX left (the Z22 is too entry-level for me) now that the LifeDrive has been EoL'd.

I guess if I needed to get one today, it would probably be the TX. Hopefully my T3 will live long enough for something new to come out of Palm. Otherwise I might have to go back to actually using my brain to remember stuff.