More on the viola

Inside the body of the viola, there are two stickers. One sticker says

A. R. Seidel
Mittenwald OBB
Handmade copy of
Antonius Stradivarius West Germany

This sticker has 1986 written on it.

A. R. Seidel Mittenwald OBB

The other sticker says

Glaesel Shop Adjusted in Cleveland Ohio

and indicates the model number of this particular viola is VA10E, Reg #M7890 and is dated 9-86 which, coincidentally enough, is right about the time I stopped playing.

Glaesel shop adjusted in Cleveland, Ohio

It's a 15" body, so it's a little bit on the small side for me (a 16" or 16.5" would probably be more my size). The edges are a little beat up and there are a couple of thin cracks and a few scratches on the body, but nothing that seems to affect the sound (yet). I'd say the viola has seen its fair share of use and abuse at the hands of many students before falling into my hands.

A little beat up