Neutering day

Tomorrow morning Simba gets dropped off at the vet to get neutered. We'll drop him off first thing tomorrow morning, the vet will do his snippy-snippy thing and then we'll pick him up toward the end of the day.

Hopefully it won't take too long for all that excess testosterone to get out of him. I've heard it can take a month or so for some of those hormone-driven behaviours to go away. Although he's still a happy and playful dog, he's been getting more defensive about his toys with other dogs around. He and Nala will play just fine with their toys and have no problem with a good game of tug, but if another dog tries to do the same he freezes and growls at the other dog. I'm hoping that's one of the behaviours that will go away. I'm also hoping he calms down a little afterwards too so we can have them out of their crates at the same time.

Nala goes in tomorrow as well to get updated on her shots. She won't be staying for the day though.