Review: My Little Tank from Astraware

My Little Tank (MLT) is another cute little game from Astraware that has a very simple premise: destroy all the other tanks. Nothing complicated about it, but it is a fun little distraction. You drive your little tank around looking for other tanks to destroy. Some tanks can be taken out with just one shot while others take more. Several different power-ups pop up in the game to give you weapon or speed upgrades, freeze or destroy tanks or to restore the health of your tank (even you can only take so many hits before getting wrecked). Getting past each level requires you to destroy a certain number of tanks and/or destroy one or more buildings.

For $10, it's a nice cheap game you can add to your PDA and play while you're killing time waiting to meet someone, at the doctor's office or waiting for your next flight. Now what would make the game even better is if the Astraware folks could figure out a way to make the vibrating alarm go off when a tank was destroyed.