Yard sale weekend

Our next door neighbours were having a pre-moving yard sale this weekend that we decided to join in.

They left us a note a few days ago telling us about it, but I'd forgotten about it until I looked out the window this morning. At 8AM there were already lots of people gathered around checking out stuff while the neighbours were scrambling to set things out. I guess they weren't expecting garage salers to be out quite so early. All the traffic explained why the dogs were unusually bark-y this morning.

Got dressed and started going through some of our crap to see what was suitable to set out. Ended up with about 3 card tables full of stuff, mostly books, knick knacks, a few sports things and some of the dog stuff that the dogs had outgrown.

I was quite surprised at just how much stuff we ended up selling. By the end of the yard sale, I think about half the books were sold and most of everything else had been bought. I think we ended up selling about half to two thirds of the stuff we set out in the morning. Everything was priced to move, so we didn't make a great deal of money and probably not as much as we could have, but did manage to get rid of a lot of stuff we didn't need (isn't that the point of a yard sale after all?) Made a bunch of free space on the bookshelves (for more books naturally) and managed to empty out a couple of the boxes of stuff we still hadn't unpacked from when we moved in to the house.

Day two of the yard sale is tomorrow morning. I don't think we have too much more stuff we want to get rid of, but I managed to collect a few more items to set out for tomorrow. We'll see if I can make a few more bucks to help fund some of my house projects.