A week in the kennel

The dogs spent the last week hanging out together in jail the kennel while we were on vacation.

Much to my surprise, after we picked them up yesterday they were almost like two different dogs. We could actually have them both out at the same time without them going completely crazy running around chasing each other and bashing into everything. They still do it a little bit, and there's always the bitey-face game to play, but having them out together is actually tolerable now instead of having to banish them outside to the back porch for their rough-housing.

Maybe it was Simba's neutering that helped, maybe it was the week cooped up together or something. Whatever it was, it's nice being able to let them both out at the same time without worrying about stuff getting smashed to bits.

Heck, if I had known all it would take was a week together at the kennel, I'd have shipped them off there months ago!

We do need to do a little bit of retraining though. Simba's still pretty good at listening to us. Nala seems to have developed a bit of an attitude though. She likes the kennel well enough based on the feedback we get...I don't think she likes us leaving her there though.