Coming soon: New radinfo

Finally managed to get my hands on a new box to replace this aging radinfo server. It's an old PACS workstation that's being replaced with a new workstation, but still it's a much better box than what I have radinfo on now.

The new box is a Dell Precision 530 (about 4 years old now) with dual 1.5 GHz P4s with 1 GB of RAM in it. Should be a much better box than the dual 450 MHz PII that I'm using now*.

Fedora 6 installation is in progress at the moment. Should take me a few days to migrate things over so hopefully by next week I'll have the new server up and running in place of the old one.

Woo hoo!

*When nobody gives you a budget for these kinds of things, you have to scavenge computer hardware where ever you can.