Getting back on track

Ok, so Maui was pretty good. Getting to and from Maui...not so good, at least from the east coast anyway. Three flights and about 11 hours of air time (15-16 hours total including layovers) is pretty tiring, even if all you're doing is just sitting around on your butt.

The week would have been way better if I wasn't sick with a cold all week though. Flew out Saturday (the 10th) feeling the beginnings of a cold coming on, and by the end of Monday, the virus had me fully in it's grip. And then just as I was starting to feel like I was getting over things on Thursday, it morphed into something flu-like and I ended up sleeping most of the last two days. At least I managed to recover enough to make the flight home tolerable.

Despite being sick, I had a pretty decent time in Maui. I just didn't get to do as many things as I would have liked. The highlight of my trip was catching the sunrise at the rim of Haleakala (about 3000 m/9800 feet up), enjoying the scenery at the summit (3055 m) and then riding back down to sea level. So much fun. It's a nearly 3km descent over a distance of 50 km or so. Lots of twists and turns and great scenery to enjoy on the way down. Got rained on during part of the second half of the ride down, but it wasn't too bad. Awesome ride. I'd love to try tackling it up and down on a regular road bike.