User to BIOS: Where's the drive?

The new laptop drive arrived today from Newegg, a Western Digital Scorpio 120GB drive. Should have been an easy replacement. Pop the old drive out, remove from the bracket and pop the new one in, re-attach the blade adapter and stick it back into the laptop.

Wrong. *sigh*.

Put the new drive in, power it up and go to the BIOS screen to make sure the drive is identified, but for some reason the BIOS reports no primary hard drive.

So now the question is: Do I have a bad drive, or is the adapter/motherboard pooched?

Fortunately the laptop I use at work is the same model, so I'll just head in to work, grab it and bring it home so I can try the new drive out in it. If the drive works there, then that points to the laptop. If it doesn't work, then it's a call to Newegg to see about an exchange.